Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


4812 words. What are we supposed to be at? More than than, I know...

"If you saw it coming - if you knew that the end of the world was there, right in front of you, poised to happen, what would you do? We live in a time of technology and science that pales compared to what these people had. Maybe there is more that they could have done, things we can no more conceive of than a few generations ago, one of our great-grandfathers could have imagined that we could perfectly preserve food in bubbles of time."

I'm mostly liking what I've got, even if I'm dissatisfied with the overall count. Must slap urge to edit - it's crippling my word count!

Despite running out of toner, I've gotten all orders but one finished. One single card for one order, actually, and it was in the printer queue when it demanded more toner and went on strike. Sooooo close. (Oh, to be fair, there's another that just came in today that I haven't done yet. I've got the file set up - I'll be able to get it out before I go do the site inspection. Not sure when that will happen, so that printing is priority for the morning so I can meet the client in town.)

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