Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Ebay, water and Monica Lewinski

Well, nice to find out my Ebay feedback wasn't affected by that year or so I had a delinquent charge due (some whopping 75 cents, I think...). Maybe I'll put up an auction... *pokes mentally through originals...* I think that a couple of 'bundled' EMG sets could be some good advertising. A few packs of cards, a print and a mousepad of the same design, or something? Should have a buy-now option, if I do that, set at the actual cost of the items; I've always been leery about what I should do if the auction got higher than the list price. Seems like cheating to let someone pay more for something than they can find it elsewhere.

Half-tempted to try out Furbid, too, but I don't have a lot (if anything) in the way of furry stuff. I've been watching Redwall Sunday mornings; maybe I should attempt some fantasy furry stuff myself.

I am reminded nearly daily that PBS makes the other stations look shameless and cheap. Their news is better, and far less sensational, with interviews of (and by!) people who actually know what they're talking about. Their cartoons are ten times better. (Arthur! Redwall!) And I couldn't *believe* it when I heard that Mr. Personality (on Fox) is being hosted by Monica Lewinski. Oh. My. God. I am embarrassed to be a member of a society that considers her a 'celebrity.' Bad enough that it's another horrible reality show. Bad enough that it looks designed for desperate lonely people to live vicariously through other peoples' fumbling attempts at romance (or possibly to give those people something worse than their own lives to mock). Bad enough that this combination is enough to earn a spot on prime-time, rather than being shunted to some daytime television spot where few will watch it. But then to have it 'celebrity-hosted' by Monica Lewinski?! I'm appalled. I had to turn to Jake and ask him, 'did I really hear that?' when it was announced. If the Simpsons hadn't been coming on at the time, I think I would have shot the television in sheer disgust.

Cleaned the house exhaustively on Sunday. Used 3+ gallons of water, which is easy to measure because all the waste water has to be hauled out in buckets. I can't *wait* to get plumbing. I checked Freddies yesterday while I was buying evil, but they didn't carry the plumbing codebook. I'll have to make a special trip to Home Depot.

At any rate, the living space is greatly improved right now, with clear counter space and table space (ie: drawing space!!!), again. Velcro objected to having the play equipment (boxes) removed from the living room, but she put up with the cleaning most graciously... by trying to roll in the piles of dust I swept up. (Doesn't help that they were at least 20% catnip.)

Jake made himself useful out of a sense of self-preservation, and carried buckets of dirty water and cleaned up his mail/paperwork stacks.

And I had art time! But I already mentioned that...

Digitalartsupplies.com is having a clearance sale. Be still my heart.

Things to do before the end of May:

1. Layout RWH tarot cards. Step 1: burn all that stuff onto a disc so I can bring it out to the house and work on weekends without that commute crap. Step 2: Photoshop fun.

2. Work 31.5 more hours of overtime and purchase tablet. YAY!! (Yay for the tablet, not the stinking overtime, that is. Two hours tonight, probably several two hour evening extras this week, so maybe I can get another 10 hours in before Saturday, 8 hours Saturday, that leaves 13.5. Yuck, but oh well. TABLET!)

3. Finish second mermaid piece for coloring book. Maybe even do a third? I *really* like the second one so far...

4. Fix temp webpage, re-categorize, and reinsert all the existing entries. Probably only 150 or fewer entries once all the duplicates are weeded out, and it'll be mostly copy-pasting. Just have to get that darned {{logentrywhatever}} template-thingy to work. *shakes graymatter*

5. Sort through all the stuff I've done since I added any of my work to EMG and see what might fit. Any suggestions? I think Unicorn Key would be a neat card. Maybe I should wait until I have my tablet and can color some stuff. Scrap this.

5 (for real). Finish up re-contracting all my artists. Add all the new work to the webpage.

6. Knock heads with Jennie over the Project and see where it stands. I think it's actually pretty close to being launchable... just need to add all the goodies we've been doing for it and clean up some details. I don't care if it's launched by the end of May, but I'd like to see it out by mid-summer, for sure.

7. RWH stuff. At least one piece. Either the co-write with Linda, co-write with Beth, or a piece of art.

8. Kadanzer stuff. Ought to at least get 'Nothing Fair' finished rough and finish editing that monster 'No Promises.' 'Brewing2,' as well. Those edits weren't so bad.

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