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Slogging forward!

Today's nano quote:

"Can you add?" Maranaar asked. "Multiply?" He used the older word for the terms, and Birka nodded. Jerumal gave her numbers. She added them in her head and gave him answers without writing them, doing the same for multiplication. The room was suitably impressed, and Jerumal gave her larger numbers. These, she wrote down, after a pause for approval, following the standards of basic mathematics that had been a part of Empire history since the Upheaval. Then, to everyone's astonishment, she began writing out equations - complex equations with integrals and variables. Wave theory, heat transmission, gravitational forces, and some that none of them had ever seen before. Some of them were transmutations of the scientific theories, solved for different variables than the Empire standards, and some looked like complete gibberish.

"How do you know these?" "Do you understand these?" "What are these variables?" "Did your people solve for these?" "What does this do?"

It was Birka's turn to look smug.

Word count: 3880

Mostly caught up with yesterdays count today at the doctor's office, waiting for some minor surgery. (Very minor, and VERY cool, actually - they did the surgery with radio waves. Honest to god, they vaporized my very flesh with high frequency sound waves. Technology is awesome. Also, vaporized flesh!! )

We live in very strange times.

Now, more EMG submissions to get through, because I want to be Done with them by Wednesday.
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