Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Militant Lesbian Thespians

This morning's dreams were ODD.

I was walking to UAF, the East entrance, and planes began to bomb the campus. They weren't particularly large bombs, but the blew up a bunch of trucks and people were dying and screaming and running around in panic. Very hollywood.

Then I was in a version of the Wood Center that had a kitchen on the bottom floor near the front entrance. I decided it was time to go, and walked out - to find about 300 women wearing camo and a bunch of them wore t-shirts that had red round logos that said 'No Role for Males.' They were also wearing very nice, trendy sunglasses and carrying semi-automatic rifles, holding the entire campus hostage.

Later, I was walking with someone my dreamself knew, asking him why he was a part of this campaign. "My name is Leslie," he told me. "It can be a girl's name." And then he explained that the lesbians were really angry because the theater department was giving girls' roles to guys, but refused to let the girls take male roles.

So. Yeah. Militant lesbian thespians bombed my alma mater.

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