Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Had art time this weekend! (Mostly at gaming...) I've nearly finished another, more complicated, mermaid page that I'm terribly pleased with. It has herds of floofy goldfish, and weighted nets, and *two* mermaids, one with lots of fancy stabilizing fins, and there's lots of flowy hair and impractical pearl-trimmed clothing that wouldn't actually stay on. About 1/3 inked already, too. Yay! Also drew a guy-elf that Jake picked up and said, 'hey, you drew a guy!' I high-fived him and cheered. (My men don't look like men, mostly, and Jake *always* picks up on that, so this is quite an accomplishment for me...)

Feeling sniffly, like I may be getting a cold. I'm really hoping it's just a temporary allergy to a type of pollen that's coming out right now.

Fetched the lilac tree from my parent's garage, where it has been confused into not only putting out leaves, but also several clusters of buds. It's still frosting at night, so we have to leave it inside, but at least at our house it will have some light. I don't know where it got the idea it was spring; it was putting out leaves nearly a month ago, and it was still pretty cold then, and the garage has only one itty bitty window, so I don't know where it was getting enough light to put out all those leaves, or those buds. Had to bend it quite a bit to fit it into the car; it's waaaay too big for the little pot it's in, too. We'll have to decide where to plant it as soon as it stops freezing at night.

There are about four feet of standing water at our electricity entrance ditch, which neither Jake nor I feel comfortable with; we didn't have time to fill in the trench last fall, because we didn't get power until well after freeze-up. We did, apparently, waterproof the basement appropriately, because inside is entirely bone dry. A very welcome change from the floods of the previous abode. We're planning to buy a little gas-powered pump and try to get rid of most of the standing water.

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