Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Out of Stock!

Elder Clean soap is sold out! All collections including it have been removed.

And, we have serious coloring book scarcity:

Fairies of Victoria Griffin Vol 2, I have only 2 copies 1 copy left, and I've removed it from the webpage.

Fantastic Magic, I have only 3 copies left.

Fantasy Isn't Always Pretty, 2 copies left. Removed from the webpage.

Dragons, Fairies and Fantasy Horses has been sold out for a while - I'm down to 2 of the double-sided misprints. They aren't on the webpage anymore.

I'm down to 3 wallets.

I don't think I can get these restocked before Christmas, so if you want to claim any of these, contact me immediately!

I also have 2 copies of the Adventurers coloring book (out of stock for several years, includes me, Nathan Skank, Kelly Ganon and Robin Nunez) and 1 single copy of Dark Tales, which hasn't been in print since 2001.
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