Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Jake rolls over at 3:30 this morning and asks: "Did I empty the water out of the truck last night?"

Me*: "Um... I don't remember you doing that."

SO, we scramble out of bed, because it's zero, and leaving 150 gallons in the tank in the trunk means we have to thaw the truck out in a heated garage (which we do not have) for a day or two.

There's a good 1/2" of ice at the top of the tank, and while the valve swizzles, there's no water coming out - the nozzle to the valve is clearly frozen. After a few minutes with a hair dryer, Jake get the idea to break the ice with a screwdriver through the open valve. Works like a charm, though there is pretty clearly still a partial ice block because draining the tank is sllloooooowwwwww. We put an electric space heater pointing at the nozzle and build it a little leftover insulation fort. It takes about 40 minutes to get the water out, and at the very end, there's an ice breakthrough, and it come gushing out of the tank. I roll up the blue tube, unplug the heater and crawl into bed. (Jake has a test today - when we saw how slow the tank was draining, I sent him to bed earlier.)

Exhausted today. Somehow got talked into working this morning. Better shower and get going...

ETA: I can also add a vole to this year's 'seen' list - there was one that ran across the driveway and into a bank of snow (where he was very vole-like and dove in as far as his momentum would take him and then froze with his little vole butt sticking out to try to avoid the big fierce predator of my Subaru...).

*Groggy as hell and still in the aftermath of a dream of being in a dance competition that was half ice-skating and half ballroom dancing and involved socks on a waxed wooden floor. Better than Jake's dreams - he was dreaming about giant plastic blue statistical symbols.

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