Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I saw two moose on the way to work today, which made me want to write a list of animals I've seen recently:

Two yearling moose calves, kneeling on their front legs (butts in the air), eating the remains of a garden.

A pair of swans (several weeks back, before the snow)

Fox - one in our backyard trotting along and one along the highway... taking a crap. (Oh, mother nature, you are not always glamorous...)

Ravens - like a billion of them.

Spruce grouse

Woodpeckers - it knocks on the wall of the office where I work. I thought it was someone at the door and was very confused until I caught it flying off. It's been back several times now.

And evidence of:

Voles (including a turd in the dogfood dish and many, MANY little footprints), hares, and more moose.

I also see reindeer every morning on the way to work, but they don't really count, since they are domestic.
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