Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


My geektastic jacket has been everything I hoped it would be.

A little old lady in the store asked me what the StarGate patch was, and I was pleasantly surprised when I told her and she laughed in delight and said she loved the show, and asked if I'd seen the movie, which she loved even more. (I did end up getting the general project patch).

Yesterday, at the butchers counter, the nice man asked me if Cyberdyne was a computer company I worked for. I grinned and told him it was the company in the Terminator movies that built the robots that took over the world. He asked if I was one of the robots, I said that I was. The other guy behind the counter quietly gave me .80/lb off my chicken.

And last night at bellydancing, my instructor recognized the patch, and admitted to having a full suit of stormtrooper armor. I got one of her legion 105 trading cards of herself and her husband.

I need to finish sewing them down - hand-sewing through double-thick Carrharts material is hard on the fingers, so I only tacked them on, intending to go back to it.


I keep feeling like I should feel guilty for putting any work into personal projects when work is keeping me so frakking busy and I can't get business projects (coloring books, webpagestuff, Anthology) finished. But the guilt won't stick. This keeps me sane.

I did get all orders but three out yesterday, and of those still on my desk, two of them were less than 48 hours old. I also got some mailing lists updated this week, and some new designs up (and some rejected). I DO feel guilty about how bloody long it's taking me to get through submissions. (Fine, fine, I also feel guilty about the other stuff, too...)


My second loaves of sourdough bread were AMAZING. Delicious, fluffy but not 'hole-y', flavorful. When the recipe says 'raise until double,' it really means DOUBLE, not just a little raised, and it really does mean do it the three whole times. Labor intensive recipe, but worth it.


Okay, gotta go assemble a new fax machine and set up some phones. And keep the pugs from eating the paper plates... (I love my job...)

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