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I took Norway to the dog park for the first time yesterday and he had a blast running around with other dogs... most of them were barely chest high to him, but he was relatively gentle and only bowled them over a little, and that only if they were enthusiastically playing back. Then we went to the self-serve dogwash and he very miserably got washed. He didn't mind the actual washing, and he loves to be towel-dried, but getting into the tub? Oh, so very not happy about that. Me and one of the groomers had to lift him (squirming) into it, and it was everything we could do. One of the muscles in my back is very unhappy about it. He is very soft and clean and I think next time I will just use the non-tub option. They warned me I would get very wet if he wasn't in the tub, but honestly, I was completely soaked to the skin when finished, so I don't know how I could get wetter. I was done in about 20 minutes - next time I will use some more shampoo. I was worried about getting him properly rinsed and dried in time, so I didn't use much. (After 30 minutes, the price goes from $10 flat to $2/minute.)

I got my geek patches! I tacked them on yesterday - my fingers gave out before I got it fully sewed down (Carrhart material is BEEFY), but my coat is much more geek-tastic. The Cyberdyne logo doesn't *quite* cover the logo that was there, but it leaves just one line of text: Management & Design, which works just FINE for me.


This election has been the nail in the coffin of my belief in either of the two major parties. Do you realize that when you call your candidate's rivals bad names, mock their stupidity and criticize their policies that you are NOT helping your own candidate? Quite the opposite, I read that and think 'wow, the best thing they can say about their own party is how bad the other party is.' It's probably just easier to rant about someone bad than prove something good, but easy isn't going to lead our country. The smear campaigning, the childish behavior, the nastiness and the underlying 'sameness' of the candidates has driven me quite thoroughly to a third party.

I'm still researching, but for now, I'm leaning strongly towards the Libertarian party. I like their stand on the issues that are important to me. I like that their campaign isn't just about making the other guys look bad. I like that they address the issues. Bob Barr actually ANSWERED the questions asked in the debate. He wasn't invited, so he did so via YouTube. Hey... a candidate who's Internet-savvy? What a concept.

You are welcome to believe that I'll be throwing away my vote, but I feel like I'm USING my vote. I would love to see the two-party system tossed on its ear. I'm going to vote for someone I approve of, not someone who's only 'better than the other guy.' There are a lot of 'other guys.' You think it's awesome that a black man and a woman are in the race? There's a BLACK WOMAN running for president in the green party. *That's* awesome. And it's in the news being celebrated... where?

What's more, I'd like to encourage you to think outside the box, too. This is a great year to send a clear message that the Democrats and Republicans have outlived their stranglehold on American politics. They had their chance, and they've honestly blown it. Price of gas, economy, job situations, mortgage crooks, health care... our country isn't in good shape, and if you want change, think about real change, long-term change, not just our regularly scheduled party switch.

At least look at all the choices. It's not 'either' party. It's 'any' party. I don't particularly care what party you choose, but make sure it's a party you believe in, a candidate you like, not just a vote for quid pro quo, because you don't like 'the other guy.' That's defeatist and short-sighted and driven by fear. We're better than that.

And that is my last word on politics for a good long while.

Business-y stuff

I thought I had some to post when I started this entry... but I guess not. I think I ran out of blogging steam with my political rant.
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