Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Christmas in October!

Getting mail last week was like Christmas... so many wonderful goodies.

First, I got the original of the dragon that Joleen Flasher did for the front page of EMG. It is even more stunning in person! All kinds of little details that get lost at the websize.

Then, I got a magnet of Velcro from Crystal Gafford! It is SO darling. You should get one, too. (She also has very awesome custom whiteboard badges available.)

THEN, I got a enormous tube of gigantic prints from tugrik! I am pleased beyond words by the quality. We'll have several new print options coming on line, soon. Actually, artists, you can start adding product permissions at this time - I've added the categories and will be adding the individual products shortly.

As if that weren't enough, I got a package of puppets I ordered for Jake in the mail. Thank you again, Mere, for sending them on for me! (The stores, for some reason, refused to ship to Alaska. Not 'charged more,' no, they just entirely refused to ship here. Bah!) They were far too cute to keep in a box until Christmas, so I gave them to him early. We got a near-life sized raven, and beaver and porcupine finger puppets. Plus a yak, for Matt. Hilarity ensued. The raven now lives at the top of one of our lights, with a beady eye on our living room. Norway considers it a tad alarming.

In non-Christmas-like news:

If you still have 'ice-themed' artwork to submit for EMG-Zine and you just didn't quite make the deadline (that's all but ONE of you, folks...), you can still submit it until the end of Wednesday. This is my puppy-dog face, it is. It only *looks* like my angry face. http://emg-zine.com/submitart.php

We're also collecting work for future themes! Including wings, ox, humor, and other stuff I can't remember off the top of my head.

And, I am basically caught up on orders. I have three orders that came in at the very end of last week waiting for various parts, and three International orders all packed up that I just didn't have time to slap customs on yet. And two print service orders that have to go out tomorrow. But that's a lot more caught up than I've been in ages. Very happy with that. It was worth skipping gaming, though I am sad that it will make two weeks in a row without gaming. (Goddess Fest is next weekend)

My stye is much better (I will spare you the gory details), my foot is much better (again, sparing you many gory details...), and I got my suitcase from Anchorage in one piece.

Life is good.
Tags: emg, emg-zine, toys

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