Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

New EMG-Zine!

There's a new issue of EMG-Zine up, with many awesome and fabulous articles and some Very Big News.*

Fifteen years. Fifteen years, a couple hundred artists, some 1500 designs in the giftshop, 1000 portraits (333 of which are adopted!), 34 issues of EMG-Zine, and a whole lot more. I think I'm allowed to be a little chuffed with myself. Just a little.

I am so looking forward to phasing out of the fulfillment end of things and handing that over to tugrik. (What, you haven't read the news yet? Go! Click!) I think I'll miss it, but right now, I'm looking forward to having enough TIME to miss it. I have gotten all the critical orders out, finally - one massive wholesale order still on my desk, and a bunch that came in over the weekend without any 'must have now' missives, but the rest are out. The last batch of calendars are in production. I've verified my spot at the Goddess Festival at the hot springs, and I found a place to wash Norway.

That last has nothing to do with business, of course, but last night I discovered that PetCo has a self-service dog wash. $10 for half an hour! You have to understand that Norway weighs as much as I do, and has hair at least 6" long. THICK hair, even after shedding all summer. The idea of washing him had completely baffled me - we have a little corner shower that I don't think Norway by himself would fit into. He's not gross, exactly, but I think a good bath is called for. So, I'll have to arrange to take him to that. And I've decided to go for the heated seat. As it gets colder, my desire for a warm butt is increasing. Maybe I can get it installed before the Festival.

(* - If you are an EMG artist, you should already know about this, because I posted it to the forums several weeks ago. And emailed a nudge to the mailing list. Are you in the loop? Hint.)

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