Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Decisions, decisions...

I got $750 worth of work done on my car last week - new axle, new belts, a transmission flush, and winter tires mounted. Not that bad a price considering it's been a few years since I had any major work done on her and she's got 130,000 miles on her. I am considering, very seriously, putting $350 more dollars in and having a heated seat installed. I have a 30 minute commute now, and it would be VERY nice to have a warm butt when it's 20 below out. I had budgeted for having to do $1000 of work on the car this summer, so really, it's only $100, right? And I have been such a very good girl, I have.

I'm also looking at doing a show at Chena Hot Springs. I doubt it will be a very **good** show, in terms of sales, but it would mean three days and two nights at Chena Hot Springs, and that's awfully appealing. Awfully, awfully appealing. My back has been acting up since Thursday (trekking around Nenana with a metal detector did not make it happy. Watching Japanese TV from the floor made it less happy. Gaming made it actively irate.), and the thought of good long soaks in the rock pool... ahhhhh..... I think I'll do it. Jennie will be able to help Saturday night, and I think I'll rope Melody into Friday night if I can.

I didn't get any work done on the anthology this weekend (sort of negating that claim of being a good girl from above...), but I did get 20 more entries up at EMG, and some other submissions declined. That's a dent, at least, and I made sure to go through the Halloweeny work particularly. I also worked a great deal on My Own Projects, and feel much better about how far along I am on a few personal timelines. No art worth sharing, but a few doodles, and I watched three episodes of Torchwood. Thank you SOOOOO much for sending these, Michelle! I'm so gleeful I got them working! I am well and truly hooked, I am.

(Still need a few more beta testers for Torn World, btw!)

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