Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I just got a door-to-door visit from... um, I'm not sure which religion. *flips through literature* Ah! Jehovah's Witnesses. They're less up front about who they're with these days, I think. Their name is only in one tiny place on the back page. Anyway, it sure shows dedication to make it to OUR door, so I heard 'em out for a bit, explained that yes, I've read the Bible a few times, I think the kingdom is about being good to each other and Jesus is more metaphorical than physical, took their book and thanked them politely. They were equally polite and not as pushy as I expected.

It makes me uncomfortable to talk to strangers about religion, and strangers who feel its appropriate to come to someones home and ask leading questions about religion? That seems forward to me. I find the topic interesting, but it's like politics - you don't really talk about it with people until you're a little comfortable with them.

My banana bread turned out WONDERFULLY. Thank you all for the banana advice. :)

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