Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Via ysabetwordsmith:

Describe an absolutely abhorrent-sounding fictional delicacy, from an equally fictional and bizarre foreign or regional cuisine.

The snow-unicorn's milk is more akin to camel milk than cow, with a higher percentage of dispersed fat. It has an extremely strong, sour flavor, even fresh. On special occasions, this milk is served half-fermented into something like a lumpy yogurt, with chunks of a skunky, odoriferous, greenish cheese. A tasteless, dried green seaweed is often sprinkled on top, presumably to add palatable texture (though it is generally agreed by the culturists that it fails at that purpose). It is served at room temperature or warmer, and has a soupy, unappealingly lumpy consistency.

The nauseating smell of the concoction is frequently likened to the smell of gangrenous feet.
Tags: torn world, writing
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