Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Remind me not to post about politics in my journal, and not to accept new projects into the fold...

Two things you'd think I'd know by now.

Reminders for the artists and writers reading along! Submissions to EMG close on Tuesday, which is also the last day to submit work for EMG-Zine October in the theme of leaves. Autumn leaves, green leaves, take it or leaf it...

Submissions for EMG-Zine

(Remember that there are also a dozen other themes you can submit for, too! And have you checked out the calendar?! Woah!)

So far it's been actually been a lovely weekend, thanks to slow, quiet time with the husband, lots of delicious food, good weather, and watching the Empire Strikes Back (the original, not the sissy re-mastered version. On VHS, no less.). I made potatos and turnips au gratin (mm!), and a mooseloaf with onions and peppers (MM!!), and I've got homemade rolls rising now. I should maybe be working (and have plenty to do!), but the brain says no. Brain wins.
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