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Argh - one of the three orders for printer ink that I placed last week has been delayed until Thursday. Of COURSE, it's the single one of those orders that is holding up EVERYTHING. I can print no cards, no magnets, no bookmarks, no keychains and no buttons until that one comes in. It was supposed to be HERE by last Friday, and now I'm going to have to send apologetic emails to those folks that I've ALREADY apologized to and promised their orders would be out by tomorrow. *flail!* (It's also the printer that prints my shipping labels, but I can take my packages and do that at work, at least. My boss is cool like that.

But I have lots of other orders to catch up on, in the meantime, and thankfully all but a few of those above-delayed orders weren't technically due to ship before the 1st because they contained calendars anyway...

(Speaking of which, I never did hear back from the calendar printers about the bad shrinkwrap...)

Our project at home for the weekend was to clean out the connex box. Last week, Jake said idly to me, "are we ever going to find a spot in our house for That Chair?"

I jumped at the chance. "Nope," I assured him. "It just doesn't fit here. We should get rid of it."

It was an ugly chair, and not that comfortable - and it was huge! It took up an enormous chunk of real estate in the connex box, and it was badly scratched up on the armrests (we got it second hand for nothing, and it had been well-loved by a cat). I was gleeful to see it go.

So, no more chair! We also ditched a large lazy susan that we'd been holding on to because it looked useful, and several heaping boxes of miscellaneous stuff. (Really, who needs SIX sleeping bags?) We've got space for an entire new shelving unit now.

I did some inventory and rearranged a whole lot of stuff, and have a better handle on what EMG actually has. Need more aprons. Found MORE boxes of old t-shirts. Guh!

Also found the boxes that contain Every Single Order I've gotten since 1993.

About to start a shirt-printing frenzy and get on with the day...
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