Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Bastard glorification of teh typo.

I swear, I sit down for just a second and Velcro thinks it's just for her and takes over my lap. I'm too nice to shove her off, so it's time for an entry.

Frustrating morning - the printer that is functional behaved badly (the other is out of ink, which I had to express order and should be here today. I hope.) and I found that I drastically undercharged a few customers for shipping over the last few weeks - four clients to the tune of $150 lost. Ouch. Ellen, you dumbass. But I'm too keen on keeping my word (because it pisses me off when other people don't) to backpeddle and say I meant something else, so I just have to cuss a little and move on!

Been an expensive week in general: about $2000 in supplies... mostly ink and shipping ink. My printing service prices are going to take another hike, because my previous supplier of ink has discontinued the larger cartridges, and I could find them for less than $20 more than the previous price. With $30 shipping on TWO cartridges. Yi.

Soap and paper are also on order... I'm about out of green soap.

All domestic calendar-only orders are out. The international are all in a heap here packed to go out, but the label-printing printer is out of ink, so they're just waiting, along with a growing heap of other large boxed orders that stacked up while I was sans email. I keep thinking I should be more caught up by now... but instead, I seem to be more behind than ever. Velcro, you get to move so I can take care of that, now.

Sorry, kitty.
Tags: argh, emg, pets
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