Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

EMG-Zine submission improvement

In a fit of brilliance being not entirely club-handed with coding, I got the EMG-Zine submission page working such that you can submit for several months in advance. That means that if you've got artwork in the theme of leaves, ice, wings, ox, humor, selkies, shells, fire, spiders, Alice in Wonderland, wizards, or Eastern Indian Mythology, you don't have to remember to do it later - you can do it all Right Now.


That's pretty much my sole accomplishment for the day - I was babysitting aunt for the day, and my sister has no wireless. (And frankly, I fear for my laptop there with two pets and two nephews under 10, so we played outside, and watched cartoons and lots of other not productive things.)

(ETA: Also, it is my 7th anniversary, which I honestly would not have remembered if I had not gotten an e-card from a friend. I would think I was a no-good, awful wife, but Jake didn't remember, either. We laughed. He brought me wine and chocolates.)

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