Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Back on my feet.

New emails are all working smoothly! Old emails... um, will still be a week off. I will definitely be adding extra goodies to orders that have been delayed. No idea where my calendars are. Still have some more take-down to do at the fair, but I was getting a migraine on Sunday, and instead of finishing that (and packing wet tents), I packed one carload and went to buy groceries for my empty house. With Jake gone, the house had exploded into chaos and we were out of food. I ate real food for the first time in a while, cleaned the house and my studio so that I could find things again, and... watched StarGate. Ahhh... that's the drug I was looking for.

I was not in love with this movie, but I warmed up to it. First off, I'm a cold-weather-in-movies snob. You know what? Ice is an insulator. The temperature in an ice cave is not going to drop 20 degrees in 2 minutes unless you refrigerate it. You know those wacky stories about igloos? Not all wacky stories. What's more, there'd be a lot more icy breath, and a LOT more frost on your face at those temperatures when you're out laboring along over the ice shelf and puffing warm steam all over your hood trim. Seriously - no frosty eyelashes? Fail.

Also, wasn't this same thing the plot of the last two episodes of season 8? Fortunately, I LOVED those episodes, so I was willing to forgive a lot.

The end was a bit of a cop-out (and again, gee, familiar?), but good enough for me. Neat effects. Great evil bad guys doing their smexy evil bad guy things. Smashing of cities. Fun dialog. In my post-fair braindeadness, it was exactly the sci-fi eye candy that I wanted.

I also got Season four of Atlantis (for a surprise $15 off! Thank you check-out guy Jesse!) and have enjoyed that enormously. I wouldn't have waited this long to buy it if I'd known that Carter was in it. It's REALLY come together. I like their bad guys. I like their good guys. I adore Rodney. I like Kayley as the doctor - though I do question how anyone would get appointed to Atlantis without some serious survival training. I mean, really. As much as those people regularly go through, you'd think they'd pick well-rounded people with an iota of combat/survival experience. (Me! Me! If there's a StarGate program out there, I totally want to be recruited to it...)

Real work now. 9 episodes and one movie is enough to get my brain back on track...

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