Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Today, I got this letter:

Dear Ellen,

Ha ha ha.

The Universe.

It continues to rain. I've never seen rain this determined to rain. It just... rains. And rains. And rains. And then clears up enough to give everyone a shred of hope. And then rains.

My tent, despite its pre-fair Scotchguarding, has reached its fail point and is dribbling rain right through the fabric. Not at the seams, necessarily, just wherever. Good thing I package in plastic!

My lake is back. I have a partial sheet of plywood out forming a footbridge into the (semi-)dry areas of the tent, but had to get more wood scraps twice to shore it up, as it was swamping out as my lake got deeper and wider. I teased my customers that if they were bad, I'd make them walk the plank. (There's a pirate theme to the fair this year, so it works.)

Sales were the worst I've seen on a final friday at the fair, but still not entirely dismal. Got rid of a few more $5 shirts.

I bought some shiny earrings to stimulate the general economy. (And to make myself feel better.)

On the email front? I don't want to talk about it. Now they're telling me it will be another week before I get my primary account records back. Another. Week.

You read that right. I checked that several times because I just couldn't believe it.

Another. Week.

I **really** don't want to talk about it. I will start frothing and foaming and I hate cleaning spittle off my computer.

Instead, I will go towel off my very wet, unhappy dog and reassure him that I still love him and he hasn't been abandoned forever and he's still a good dog even if he's wet and disgusting. Then I will take out my contacts and crawl into bed and sleep the sleep of the just (and exhausted) until I have to get up and make more soap and cards and aprons for the last day of the fair. Last day! Yay! Nine days of this is pretty brutal - especially when it's this cold. Fortunately, Jennie is feeling better, and has been able to come spell me in the evenings the last two nights, and she'll be there with me all day tomorrow - horrah! I'll probably only fire her a few times, for good measure. You can't let minions get too complacent, you know.

(Notice, if you will, that I have not mentioned calendars. That is because I did not GET any calendars, despite having very carefully ordered them in time to get them for the fair. Oh, and it is safe to send me emails again... though I will not be able to access my *records*, the repeats stopped several days ago, and my inbox was vacuumed out to a separate folder so that I am safely receiving anything new. And able to access it. Anything sent before today I will not be able to get to until I shove a boot down Dreamhost's throat and explain to them how to do their job. Again. I haven't the energy to do that tonight.)

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