Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I'm covered in sheep.

Over 100 thousand emails, and can't access any of them. Functionally email-less.

I'd be livid, but that takes too much energy.

I could see my breath today! Brr! I was wearing a long sleeved long underwear shirt, jeans, wool socks, my new favorite sweater (wool, maroon with gold embroidery, lined in delicious polar fleece), with another humongous, thick wool sweater over that, topped by a wool and polar fleece hat. Barely warm enough.

Other than that, I do love doing the fair. My fellow vendors are good people, and the people-watching at the fair is beyond anything. Can't do any art, it's far too damp - the pencil would poke through the page for sure.

A few personal notes, and I'll screen comments, so you can reply here if you like. (Because if you email me, I'll get several hundred copies and hate you*.)

Jess! See above note about not being able to do art. Will definitely still be working on that piece for you. If it's sunny later in the week, I'll be able to un-destroy that building.

Megan! What's my total owed and what's your paypal address?

Ash! I got Whispers, and sold out of them, but no sign of the Persnickitys (ies?). Did you send them priority? When were they mailed, and do you have tracking on them?

Barb! Got the dragons! Sold 3 so far! Very cute and well received! Amazed they made it in one piece. Amazed they've survived being knocked over as many times as they've been - considering finding small bell jars to put over them.

Kelly and Christina! I have a friend who is coming down to Dragon*Con and may be using his luggage allotment (and his friend's!) to bring you product!! Will keep you posted as I figure out more.

Much love to all of you.

Edit to add: The bounce notices you may or may not get are LIES. Ignore them. Send me no further emails. Pleeeeeaaaase.

Edit to further add: if you really, truly, honestly MUST send me emails, please send them to ellen AT shermanengr.com - but with the fair, I barely have time to bathe and feed myself, so don't expect a lot outta me anyway.

*No, I wouldn't really hate you. That takes too much energy, too.

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