Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

At the fair...

The rain has started to taper off, thank god, and I'm having a good time. The display rocks this year, and the new products have been well received by those souls who braved the drizzle and gloom. Slow day, but very, very long. I am flatly incapable of getting back through my friendslist at this point, though I tried for a short time. If anything happened, share here, please! Nothing is so trivial that I don't want to know!

Feet hurt. Bed now. Much to do tomorrow.

(ETA: Also, in the email saga, I'm now getting all emails. About a hundred times apiece, in fact. As fast as I can delete them, I'm getting new copies of the same things in. After deleting some 3500, I gave up and sent a roar in to Dreamhost's support. Come on guys, get it together. I hope those rumors of a free year of hosting are accurate, 'cause that's what it may take to keep me from getting disgruntled at this point.)

Also, with very little help from me, there is a new issue of EMG-Zine up. Enjoy!

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