Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Hmm. Must be time for the fair - we're getting FLOOD WARNINGS.

(Not us personally - we live on a hill. But our driveway is streaming water and there are big muddy puddles everywhere.)

I really, really, really hope it dries up by the weekend, because setting up a tent and sitting out in this for a week would really suck.

In other sundry news, still prepping for the fair and toying with products to try out there. Ordered more clearbags and bookmark tassels, and I've been clearing out my seconds box (the box I dump all the various misprints and overprints into as I'm filling orders). Trying to get caught up on orders before the crush occurs, and poking at various scripts and codes. Gotta get EMG-Zine worked on before Friday, too, eek.

Wednesday, I'm going to the hot springs for a soak with my mom and sister - really looking forward to that. I made the mistake of saying out loud to Jake on Sunday, "I think my neck has finally, finally completely stopped hurting. Only took two months!" Then I slept on it wrong, and it hurts again. When will I learn not to open my big mouth?

If any of you darling people have artwork in the theme of 'muses,' the deadline was the beginning of this month, but we've got nothing to offer as wallpaper, so I'm still accepting artwork! Remember that Friday is the last day to submit "blades" themed work for September. (That's an EASY one!) http://emg-zine.com/submitart.php

Blah, blah. Shower now.
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