Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Catching up!

Yesterday morning, I was standing in the kitchen, looking at the coffee maker. There was no finished coffee in it. Hmm. Jake forgot to set the delay brew? No. Jake set the delay brew wrong? I check it - it's safely set for 6:00. Whyyyyyy is there no coffeeeeee? My brain can't comprehend this. I look at my watch. I look at the coffee pot clock. Why do they say 5?

Jake had set the clock on the alarm an hour early. Woops.

But hey, at least it was another hour of dozing (I didn't quite get back to sleep) that my brain desperately needed.

It's REALLY my last day of work today. I'm packing up the 65% submittals in their mailing envelopes, and then it's over. Really.

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