Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Two days in a row? Tsk.

The support message I just sent in to dreamhost:

Subject: No email! No sites!

Panic! Mayhem! Riots in the streets!

(Pls fix.)

First calendar is approved! If things go right, I'll have them a few days into the fair! Yay!

Second calendar... is probably waiting in my inbox for approval. Or will be later today. Printing stuff for orders now - called in to check work status today and will be checking back at 1 to only maybe work. Woo! I got a huge chunk of work done yesterday, and it looks like today I could get ENTIRELY caught up.* Admin stuff was taken care of yesterday, so I'm all caught up on pay and paperwork, got more checks printed, did billing stuff, filled orders like a madwoman, and worked on a non-pay commission-thingy.** Today, I have some heatpress fun to do (shirts - lotsa shirts, and some purses and a dozen mousepads and a few totes), and I will be caught up on all but pre-orders. Which are... pre-orders. Even some of those are worked on, and I've got cardboard already cut up from furniture boxes and extra priority envelopes on order, AND they're all invoiced, so many of them will just be a matter of stuffing and sending.

After the heatpress fun, the third and final calendar files, and if I don't work this afternoon (cross your fingers!), I can tackle the anthology. GET YOUR HIGH-RES FILES TO ME, PEOPLE. Don't make me hunt you down again. Theresa, you get cookies. Delicious, chocolaty cookies.

*Except for emails. Stupid emails. Hates them.

**Yes, am sucker. But it could be huge, and I've REALLY been wanting to draw a dragon lately. Plus I get to keep rights and will be able to tuck it into a coloring book.

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