Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Dreamhost, your timing? It is not awesome.

Sites down. Webmail being crash-y. Been trying to upload these files for three days straight, with various setbacks (not related to Dreamhost, for the most part, but to my own stupidity, or third party server hiccups).

It's all starting to make me Quite Cranky.

Got a tremendous amount of work done this weekend. Two calendars finished, and the third is nearly there. Anthology is also nearly there - if I'm waiting on your high-res files, Get Them In. See above note about getting Cranky.

Basically caught up on orders - will probably be entirely caught up by this afternoon, if (good) luck holds.

Jake and I have rebuilt my closet over the last few weeks - I had a monstrous wardrobe that was too deep to be useful for folded clothing... the stacks would de-construct into each other, and the spacing of the shelves was just all wrong for the size of the things I was storing. So, we took that apart, and put up much shallower, compartmentalized shelving, with some doors and a few drawers, and voila... it's amazing how neat and tidy and useful the space is again. It's far less ugly than the sterile white wardrobe was, and the whole bedroom looks about a hundred times better.

Argh. Going to stop hovering over the upload queue and go fill orders. It will upload or it will not, without my babysitting.

PS: YOU can make my day better by submitting "blades" themed work to EMG-Zine: http://emg-zine.com/guidelines.php THAT site seems to be working right now.

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