Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Catastrophic errors and all...

The computer this morning told me: "Your application has had a catastrophic error and must be reinstalled! Please contact customer service!" while working with InDesign.

I told it to shut up and behave or I'd give it to charity, and rebooting resulted in picture perfect behavior. Good computer. *pets*

It's been rather like that all day, though - lots of PARTS of things finished, and then little hiccups that make everyone panic and cause a lot of backtracking and restarting, so that the actual completed list of accomplishments? Not so good. I did get a load of laundry done, and 50 some bookmarks... not quite made. Lots of orders... not quite finished. And the first calendar is done and proofed, but the .pdf process resulted in a file size of 1 Gig (!), so I had to redo it in parts and I spent a lot of time tromping around trying to figure out a way to just flatten/rasterize everything so it wasn't such a space hog. I may or may not get it uploaded tonight, but tomorrow is really the last day I can get it to the printer and still get it for the fair.

At work this afternoon - was going to go to Shakespeare in the park this evening, but it's looking very stormy, so I think we may reschedule for tomorrow!
Tags: argh, boring, computers

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