Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Things? They happen for a reason.

If I hadn't forgotten my laptop cable, I would not have booted up my old laptop to attempt to get my work done today without making a wasteful trip into town. I would not have realized that my 4000 was never installed on this one, and ended up (after a fruitless search for the disc) downloading the newest printer driver off of Epson.

SHINY. It is so much better and slicker than the old driver. Totally worth the frustrations of the day. Filling orders now!

Also... Dogs? They are gross.

Especially when they drink all the water in the toilet and then throw it up all over the floor. EW. And it wasn't clean water, like the perfectly good, fresh water in his dogdish. EEEEWWWW.
Tags: computers, gross

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