Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Calendars! Anthology!

Woo! The end is in sight!

My earlier gleeing was for successfully finding the right fonts so that I could print the ENTIRE rough draft of the anthology. Oh, YEAH. This is gorgeous. This one blows last years anthology not only out of the water, but out of the whole YMCA. Dude. Melissa did a fabulous job on this one. I just need to mark it up, make some various corrections, gather up some high-res files, and zip it up for print.

All three of EMG'S 2009 calendars are up for pre-order! AND, there's a discount for pre-ordering - $2.00 off! AND all the 2008 and older calendars are marked down $5 off, because I have to make room for more! (And because I found another box of them in the connex last week... doh!)


I have gathered up the work for the next DFFH coloring book - I just need to figure out a cover (I have an idea), and get it off to the presses. Would be nice to have that done sooner than later, what with turnaround time.

Lunch now.
Tags: anthology, emg
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