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Woodworks Articles

Scams and spams. (prompted by stormborn over at elfwood, but it's been at the back of my head for some time) Include virus scams, rich ex-patriots transferring money, obscure spams like the psi-thingy, how to ID spams and scams, checking addresses, what info to give out and what info not to give out, tips for knowing if you are at a secure site, etc. And for goshsakes, what NOT to forward and/or post as gospel truth. Edit: FINISHED

Common copyright misconceptions. For example, the idea that you need to trademark and register everything. Reprints. What constitutes a legal contract. Most of this I sort of covered (briefly) in the commissions article, but I'm not sure who would go looking for it there. Edit: Someone else has written this... yay!

Pricing. Got a comment wondering where part two of that commissions article was... heh... Wasn't sure anyone really cared. :P Wonder if I still have my notes... I was originally going to use a bunch of quotes from various EW people, but that turned into waaay more work than just writing my own stuff. 'Sides, I didn't want to edit for grammar and spelling and have to go fishing for approvals for those changes. Edit: FINISHED!

Keeping the Creative Spark Alive. I suck.

(Edit - I suck less, and finished this damn thing...)

Proofing Your Own Writing. Got this partly outlined, actually.

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