Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Argh and yay.

Argh: My wholesale source for t-shirts has discontinued their Bella line. That means finding a new brand for the babydoll and cap-sleeved shirts, and transitioning from what I have in stock. ARGH.

Yay: I've streamlined the webpage a little further, and added product photo links and worked on getting the product descriptions up to date (so. many. products.) and Ron totally solved the next/previous browsing problem. YAY!

Argh: The t-shirts are a little schizophrenic right now, and they don't show for all designs that they should. I need to run a database replacement on artist permissions, and I am SO not doing that late at night when I'm tired.

Yay: The webpage will be quite a lot cleaner when I finish this mess of work.

Argh: The product menu is getting too long, and I'm not sure how to break that up. Ideally, I could do subcategories (clothing, paper goods, misc?), but we're escaping my ability to code again... I can assign those subcategories and even add them to the new product creation pages, but actually making the menu generate from those subcategories... um.

Yay: I got to watch two new-since-it-was-on-TV-the-first-time episodes of Star Trek, Next Generation. I put another two hours into the Morrigan piece and I doubt you would even be able to tell because it is such fine, detailed, tedious, texture-y work. I hope it turns out to be worth the blisters its giving me.

Argh: It's late. Really late. I have trouble getting to bed when Jake is out of town. *misses* And I have to work tomorrow!

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