Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Code! Code! Leaking out my ears!

It wasn't really supposed to be a day to code things. Really. But I started adding pre-orders for calendars (just one up so far), and realized that my collections were really rather broken. That involved fixing a whole lotta stuff because I quickly realized that collections weren't showing up on pages that they SHOULD have been showing up on. Fixed that. And since I was fixing that anyway, I fixed up a whole bunch of ugly junk and finally polished up the little 'more information' links. FINALLY. (I'd actually done this once before, and then overwrote the file I fixed because I'm stupid, and then was too depressed to re-fix it correctly.)

THEN I managed to find an error so horrible, so glaring, and so miserably unprofessional that I am surprised my entire site hadn't imploded at its sheer awfulness. Seriously. Rejected work was showing up in searches. Only on searches that turned up matches in artist names, and the product page itself wouldn't work because the designs were safely offline, but OMG. *DIES OF SHAME*

So I fixed that.

(I also turned up a minor niggly little error that doesn't really mean a lot but really ought to be fixed and hopefully I can do that when I fix up some the submission-end things before mid-August, but geez, I've coded all I have braincells for now. Oh, and I have got to pick Ron's brain about the previous/next alphabetizing, because that's got me seriously stumped.)

And now it's nearly 3 PM, and I haven't done orders or calendars like I wanted, and although I feel slightly *clever* for having figured all those problems out, I also feel like orders aren't done, the calendars aren't off to the printers, and I haven't saved the world yet!

(I'm also a little pouty because my back is seriously acting up and I haven't been able to do more than dull the pain with standard pills. I was able to get in for an afternoon appointment tomorrow. Which will really be my last day of work. Really. Then, I shall have a massage and adjustment and come home and watch 200. Again.)

N.E.Way. Go check out the webpage. It is easier to find details about the products... a LOT easier. And it works on the group projects (which it never did before), and for wholesale orders, so hopefully there won't be so much confusion about 'why is the wholesale price for bookmarks MORE than the retail?' (It's because they gotta buy 5 of a design, btw.) And group projects will now show up in more than one category if they belong in more than one (before they would only show in one.)

(This post brought to you by the department of parenthesis.)
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