Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I finished artist pay today. A record number of artists in record time.

Sadly, this is mostly because sales this first half of 2008 have STUNK. Most all of my sales have been print services (despite being 'closed,') and ACEO card blanks and the trials of tea. (And some soap, but not the galloping hordes we always hope for...)

So, a lot of zero sales notices, and I think only half a dozen artists even capped $10. Sad, pathetic, and makes me feel as rotten as they probably do. Why do I do this again? Pff. Would be nice to blame it on the economy (everyone is!), but it's at least partly my own overworked fault.

Now that I'm through with the queue and with artist pay, the calendars and advertising are next up on my list of things to do. And the anthology.

Lunch now, and maybe some quality time with my hammock...
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