Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Days never go quite as planned, do they?

Still, yesterday was a good one. With a few hiccups. I was working on the calendars in the morning - had a few roughed up layouts that I sort of liked and wasn't in hate with... and uploaded a preview via FTP to my site and went to get a glass of water.

Came back, and my computer had shut down. DOH! I had forgotten that the night before I was downloading big, big files and set my FTP program to shut down the computer when it finished file transfers. So, of course, when it finished up with that one little file, it shut down the computer - including all the open files in InDesign and Photoshop. DOH!!

I did get some designs up, but no product photos, and at about 5, I remembered that it's JULY already, and I have to pay artists. Those pesky artists.

I also had an accident involving our new hammock. (A co-worker of Jake's evicted their big free-standing hammock that they never use and he brought it home and set it up in front of the house.) I accidentally went outside when I let the dog out and accidentally sat down on it. It was fully in the sun, and my photon-starved skin said 'YES' and the next thing I know it's half an hour later and I'm stretched out on that thing petting Norway and soaking up rays.


I also picked up our farm share. Not sure I mentioned that here! It has been SO SO worth it so far! We've gotten big totes full of greens - and I'm only getting a half-share. Delicious, yummy, tasty FRESH greens.

Work now. LAST DAY. (Maybe. Sort of.)

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