Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Is it my place?

I can't decide if I should post this in the latest elfwood thread, or not.

You know, I really didn't want to say anything more on this matter, but I really shudder to see the direction that these responses are going.

May I humbly suggest that a campaign to humilate someone is not the best course of action.

The best thing to do is let this die. I'm not going to say that this sable_katt has acted in an intelligent or well-thought-out way, but it is entirely possible she has made an honest mistake, and when she realizes that, she will back off in embarrassment. It is equally possible she's a nutcase, but however the truth actually plays out, this girl doesn't deserve to be harrassed or humiliated. Or if she does deserve it, who are you to judge that? Do you really feel justified to villainize her on the strength of one exchange? Would you appreciate it if someone did the same to you?

Have fun with satire; I'm not going to speak against something that inspires good art and strong community, but give your mocking some thought, please.

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