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Is it me, or are people dropping like flies these days? I am particularly saddened by the loss of jeruu - she was a fighter, and I believed until the very end that she was going to beat her cancer. She was so optimistic and matter of fact about it, even in the face of bad news. I'm disappointed that I never had a chance to meet her in person. She is an amazing loss.

Solstice was - aside from that - quite fun. I slept in, had a wonderful morning with the husband, then went chalking with Victoria, Jennie and Liz. We did Napoleon Crossing the Alps... but with a moose. It was awesome. I'm sure there will be photos at some point. Only about a thousand people snapped photos of my butt while I was kneeling over the piece.

Drove home at 11 PM with the sun still high in the sky.

Yesterday, Jake and I assembled the last vertical shelf unit and my studio has reached hither-to unknown states of organization. I've never had space for so much of this.

Today, I MAY have the day off... I have to call in this morning sometime and make sure nothing has come up, but when I was told that my employment would be stretching out another potential week, I threw up my hands and said I was getting horribly burnt out and they were going to give me Monday off or I'd cry. They didn't want me to cry. I should be able to get mostly caught up on orders this morning, and it looks like I'll have to go into town if I want my photo kit today. The geniuses at Hammacher sent it UPS. To my PO Box. So I have to pick it up in person between 10 and 12:30 today.

Business calls to make now, and then some order stuffing, and then call work, and then... we'll see!

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