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This was a parking lot...

So far not a bad day.

Cherry Coke and potato bar for lunch, courtesy of work, which is being remarkably cool about all the extra hours and makes me feel like an ungrateful schmuck for goofing off all this time. But I'm not so guilty feeling that I'm not writing in my LJ while I eat. :P Hmm... one of my grapes rolled into the melted cheese. Yummy cheesy grape...

T'was tough dragging out of bed this morning. Husband was cuddly, cat wasn't eating anything she wasn't supposed to (at least not noisily enough to hear in bed), fan made nice soothing white noise, and I have been running on high stress and low sleep for some time. Stupid alarm. Stupid work. Comfortable down comforter and snuggly husband! Duty won. At least they fed me at work.

Deleted a lot of the files that had been clogging up my server; mostly old commissions that I hadn't wanted to get rid of until I got new stuff up, or at least made sure they weren't linked anywhere. Put up a temporary Ellen-page with links to Elfwood and got rid of that horrible old stuff that had been there. One of these days I'll make another pretty page to go there. Hopefully about the time we unveil the Project. That'd be sweet. Now have a little more than 15 megs of space, which should be enough to at least start reorganizing site whilst leaving the existing site intact. Should also be enough room for the Project, I hope. At first, anyway.

Internet seems buggy today. Lots of time-outs, took a bunch of times to login to LJ. Hmm.

*big hopeful eyes* Someone have a few extra seconds and want to make me user icons for snowunicorn? You can use any of my art, but I'd prefer that two of them be Torn World art. I'll bribe you somehow, if you like. A sketch maybe?

Thinking lots about the faces we show people, and wondering what my face is, if it's a true face, and what I want my face to be.

Got a wonderful squishy thank you note from one of my artists in the mail yesterday saying that my graciousness made working with me a pleasure. Graciousness. *giggles* I feel like royalty. *happy-pleased-flattered*

Rediscovered this page. Should update it with the other results, too. In my copious free time.

Warning to self: be careful what you ask for! Heh... suspect from replies to my last message that my Elfwood ticket is being held for non-mod's choice. Silly, overly-introspective, insecure Ellen. I'll have better stuff to wow with next time I put in a ticket, hopefully. Considering uploading the mech picture I did for Ursula's challenge to the zone. My poor, empty, neglected Zone gallery...

That's all for now.

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