Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I need a nap.

Today I halved my inbox, and invoiced about 50 orders. 20 or so of them are packed up and shipped out, I have three coming off the printer now, and the rest are in various stages of production. I also ordered (finally) a photoshoot kit, so that I can take decent, well-lit photos of my products. I've been meaning to build my own, but a) haven't gotten to it yet, b) this one comes with lights AND a tripod, and c) this one folds into an awesome little carry bag with pouches for the lights. I'm excited.

I WANTED to play more with the linguistic discussion we've been having - you guys are a wealth of information! Thank you! I never thought I'd be that excited about getting into the gritty details of the language, but you've given me the interest in at least trying. But I didn't have time to more than glance at it; I'm hoping to use some of the guidelines and start really nailing down HOW the language works shortly. Many thanks to the beta victims!

Dishes now. Making au gratin potatoes from scratch for dinner, then some laundry and cleaning and dropping into bed.

(The battle for my lungs has largely ended in victory, with just a few pockets of upstart phlegm rebels that occasionally send me doubling over in gooey coughs and/or sneezing fits. I have thus far avoided landing any snot on orders.)

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