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Smoke and Recipes

Tried to log onto #loth with vIRC last night, but failed miserably and gave up when Jake wanted the computer. I'm actually glad I wasn't able to figure it out, because I had an inspirational time with my sketchpad, and it was all good.

It's fire season, and it is once again affirmed that I live in a beautiful place. We drove up to Becker Ridge and looked out over the valley. Spectacular. The Tanana Valley is aflame. Fortunately (unlike last summer), the winds are favorable, and the smoke is swept in the other direction, and up into huge towering, mushroom-cloud type columns. The colors are not quite average; all reds and swirling purples. The tops of the smoke columns are erupting in thunderheads, snarling dark lumps quite different from the bleached cotton-candy clouds dotting the rest of the crayon-blue sky. Found out that we were looking at two fires; on only a few thousand acres but only 10 miles away, the second is nearly 10,000 acres, but south of Nenana (100 miles south).

Spent some time thinking about ingredients of success as an artist, and have decided there are three factors: talent, dedication and business sense. Any two of the three will get you fairly far, and you don't need equal portions, but the three together are the recipe for success. Me? I don't think I got a huge dose of talent, so I have to hope that my dedication and business sense can get me through. :P I'm optimistic. Today, anyway.

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