Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Feeling better, thank you for the good wishes. Bought, with much skepticism, a pillow that I talked them into $30 off of... if that gives you an idea of what pricerange it was in. (Seriously - $140 for a PILLOW?) But it seems to have worked. A little odd, and rustle-y, since I left the plastic on (under 3 pillowcases) in case I decided it made things worse, but everything feels much better this morning and I was surprisingly comfortable every time I woke up. I have another adjustment today to try to take the rest of the kinks out.

Trying to decide if I want to vend at a start-up local Renn Faire.

On the pros side, Renn Faire! yay! Definitely target audience!

On the cons side, first year things are often under-attended and poorly organized, and the rules are confusing. Is it worth figuring out how to appropriately decorate my EZup for a single, one afternoon event? I can't use modern speech? How strictly is that enforced? How much of my product line will I be able to bring? Supposedly, they are okay with fantasy and pirates and stuff, as long as it the theme is 'sort of' medieval, but it sounds like my display racks are unwelcome, so I'm not sure how to show it off, and I'm not sure if things like mousepads and purses are okay.


It's coming up fast - I'd better make up my mind.

UPS attempted to deliver the tea yesterday, but I was out buying an overpriced pillow, so I should get it today, instead. The soap is unpacked in my studio and it smells AMAZING.

Haven't made a list for June yet:

~Anthology - finish and get to print.
~Tell Me a Story - finish and get to print.
~subset of TMAS - Finish Morrigan and S&S piece to include.
~send Ursula shirts
~Get caught up on orders (close!)
~21st - Solstice fest, will be chalking downtown.
~28th - Renn Faire?
~14th - Fbks Folk Fest... but they didn't so much as read my email and sent me information about performing, not vending. *crosses off the list*
~6th - Chalking for the grand opening of the Stash.
~Get through 50 submissions, put up tea and soap, start working on calendars!!
~Keep email to a dull roar.
~Manage pain.


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