Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Oo! It's windy enough tonight that the tall ladder, which has been leaning against the house since the fall, fell over and crashed. Scary. Freaked Velcro out. Probably the warm weather has melted some of the snow that was around the supports.

Left work about 6. Feeling vaugely guilty for not doing more work at work today. Burnout is leaving me restless, unmotivated, listless, and has reduced my attention span to the length of... what was I talking about?

Have discovered new evil amusement in the random moderators pick.

Webpage stuff:

Work on test directory. Need time not spent multitasking on six other things to figure out the greymatter process a little better. I know more than I did yesterday.

Pretty sure I want to use broad subject categories: sci fi, modern fantasy (do I have enough for this?), fantasy creatures, fantasy heros... continue to brainstorm here.

Link new contract to guidelines page.

Follow up on artists:

If I haven't heard from *any* artists by tomorrow, I'll do a follow-up message to one or two. Weird that none of them have emailed back. Not that they need to, just weird that none of them have; maybe message self-destructed somewhere.

House stuff:

Go to Home Depot and get code book. Finish clean-out plan. Finish entire piping plan. Toilet... must have... toilet...

Writing stuff:

Have idea for snow-blind story for challenge, but can't seem to get it onto paper. Crashed on grindstone... again!

Kadanzer stories also stalled.

RWH story has no progress to report.

Muse seems to be slacking off. Bad muse.

Art stuff:

Eh. It just seemed like the next logical category. I have nothing to put in it at the moment. I'm glad I got that art day last weekend.

Have been playing more with colored paper. Must buy more colored paper. Still dying for tablet... $120 towards it today.

Husband stuff:

He was so sweet tonight. I came home moping about work, and he made me sit down and tipped the recliner back and brought me a drink and rubbed my shoulders. Then he made me a toasted sesame bagel with butter, cream cheese and sprouts. I have the best husband. *purrs* He even tidied up the kitchen to make my morning better. (I am in charge of mornings, because Jake can barely manage to dress himself before a few cups of coffee.)

Cat stuff:

She's as adorable as ever.


1. Husband definitely earned it tonight. :) 2. Intelligent people. 3. My eyes still work (Jennie's talk about Becca gives me bad flashbacks to my eye surgery) 4. Good music. 5. And the moderators pick random button.

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