Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

State of the Age.

Norway's newest command is 'gentle!' and it's working pretty well. He's figured out (mostly) that he's supposed to take the steps one at a time and not bolt when told that. His leg is much, much better, but we're going to enforce a few more days of as much rest as we can make him take. He looks so sad when he's on a down-stay and there are Interesting Things happening. Especially when Velcro jumps around and races past him to rub it in.

My beloved gaming group was very empathic about my age woes last night. (Except Brad, who teased that they don't stop carding until you look at least 37. *mimes a knife in the heart* No cookies for Brad.) Anyway, I'm sure it was just a statement of respect for my great wisdom.

To prove how young I am, I'm posting a picture of the first computer I remember being used in our house. That's a tape drive, that black boxy bit off to the left. This was before floppies. Oh, wait... do you young sprouts even remember floppies???

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