Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I don't *want* to be at work, dammit!!

And yet here I am.

In quiet rebellion, I am rambling in my lj instead of actually working. Hah! Take that!

Poking at a new website directory system and wondering what the hell is taking up so much space on my server and why the permissions aren't behaving such that I can delete some of these old files. Rargh.

It is officially break-up! Alaska doesn't have seasons like other places, we have three seasons: Winter, break-up, and construction. Fall may be a third season, which could be called frantic contruction (everyone trying to beat the first snowfall...). The streets are all slushy, snow is beginning to retreat, and it rained last night! It's been balmy for days. Yes, we could still get a foot of snow this month, but I prefer to hope that summer's coming.

Okay, back to interior elevations. Must be good. Must not throw computer out the window or cuss while the boss is around. Must work. Must not resent work. Nice work pays bills...

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