Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Let's look at the week behind and ahead...

Okay, last week, not much accomplished. I was a total slacker in terms of the submission queue. I did snag all remaining tea, gotta get the label re-dos finished by Thursday. (I also put in a request for peppermint and Earl Gray teas, but that's seeming unlikely to happen soon.) I worked 17 hours, did a lot of laundry, hung a cabinet in the kitchen, got only a few orders out, cleaned the house (a few times!), and have jobbed out the anthology layout, much to my relief. I also "fixed" the EMG-zine article pages (see last post), posted the weekly 'what's up' for EMG artists. I also ordered the darling soap packaging I alluded to earlier in the week - to find out that they're backordered by a month. *sigh*

This week so far, I have posted the 'what's up,' and recommended a text editor at the FP salon. (I'm trying to add something every week to the Artist Resources forum. I missed last week.)

Artwise, I inched forward on the Morrigan piece (I have totally admitted defeat on my ambitious deadline plans for the contests - what was I thinking?!), doodled a potential PA piece I may scan tonight, and started to piece together a possible Torn World story for the senses issue of EMG-Zine.

This week I intend to:

~Get through 50 submissions. Ellen, you slacker.
~Get aprons added to the webpage. They look awesome.
~Send thank yous: Dayle, Mary Anne and Jess Hartley.
~Get caught up on orders.
~Redo labels by Thursday.
~Work on Senses story. If it continues to hang together in any fashion.
~Get current 2 TMaS pieces ready for inking.
~Work 24 hours.
~Nag people to find artwork to submit to EMG-Zine, 'cause we've still got nothing for the gallery yet!*

*Our July theme is 'The Senses.' Something that might fit would be something that is blindfolded, or someone hearing something, or someone tasting or smelling something. Perhaps a play on 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!' http://emg-zine.com/submitart.php Oh, yay! I can cross that off my list now. :P

This weekend is two birthdays, Memorial Day, and a four day weekend - we may end up going out of town!

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