Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

News of the day

Yesterday I...

~watched an episode of StarGate
~napped on the couch with the cat
~watched another episode of StarGate
~washed 1 load of laundry
~went for a 2 mile walk in the woods with Norway
~watched another episode of StarGate
~swept the house
~watched another two episodes of StarGate
~did a little lackadaisical art.

It was a most excellent day off, saved up from my weekend of panicked order-filling.

Today and tomorrow I will be at the day job fulltime - some deadline crunches, and the paycheck will be nice, since we've had a few unexpected expenses lately (dental and entertainment related).

I may have some alarming tea news - the supplier of my teas is having trouble with *their* supplier from China and the delivery of further tea may be affected by the big earthquake they just had. They are saving me as much as they have left in stock, but it may not be more than the quantity I got for this first order (they're checking the warehouse now). Cross your fingers and toes for me! I'll get the next batch in about 2 weeks (maybe 3), but it could be a Good, Long While before the one after that*.

Soap will also be here about then, and I have discovered the cutest, most awesome gift packaging for them ever in the world. Seriously. I did some test runs before running off to work today, and it is DARLING. Finding stock is proving to be a little more complicated, so before I go home today I'm going to run across town and buy everything available locally. :P

In coloring book news, my proof of the reprint of Dotminatrix was supposed to be shipped today, but I still haven't received file verification or invoice. Hmm! Hmmm!!

Have had a request to use 'one of my fairies' in a book. I'm trying to decide between Summer Bubbles and Aurora Borealis. Input?

In other, other news, I'm tentatively looking for a web-coder in mysql and php. I'd definitely prefer to pull from my direct group of friendspeople. I would be looking to add a few features to EMG, including wishlists and more powerful search options, as well as implement some more powerful behind-the-scenes adjustments. I can probably figure this stuff out myself (and that has been my current plan), but my time is getting rarer and more valuable, so I thought I'd poke and see if there are interested parties. Email me your rates and some brief experience if interested.

All for now. THIS isn't a day off...

*Folks started receiving their teas as early as Monday, according to tracking, and I have been chewing on my fingernails waiting for any reviews, comments, complaints or input of any kind.

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