Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

There is a contest (2, actually!) that I am sorely tempted to do a Morrigan piece for. I know, a little, what I want it to be like, but the deadline is the 15th for the 1st and the 20th for the 2nd. I have a commission to finish as soon as possible, tea comes in this week, I've got print orders to get out (send invoice! *adds to list*), and very likely a more than usual dayjob workload, because I got last week mostly off.

This is just a concept sketch - the figure and bird sizes need to be adjusted a bit, they will be more central, with some more action off to the right, I think, and some more room for the murder of ravens coming off the lower left. I need to find a good castle reference - I was so uncertain about my scribble that I had to label it so I could remember what I was trying to draw...

And, I started a concept for Torn World that I won't have time to work on for a good long while:

In non-art news, we got a cabinet up in the bathroom today, and a blind up in the window on the landing.

The next article I'll be working on is on Fair Use. Anything you've been particularly puzzled about that I can be sure to look up for it?

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