Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Today, I...

~Got the new coloring book online.

~Answered emails.

~Got two new artists set up at PA/EMG.

~Answered emails.

~Wrote a weekly announcement for the artists covering adoptions, new additions and other nifty goodies.

~Answered emails.

~Got all my orders invoiced.

~Found emails that were old enough to make me weep, and answered them.

~Ate amazing leftover casserole over baked potato and watched an episode of Babylon 5

~Answered emails.

~Scanned in a commission. (Didn't I say I wasn't taking these? I might have. But I couldn't say no, and it will double as a TMaS piece. No more after this! For real this time!)

~Answered stuff at the forums, did some FP stuff.

~Answered emails.

Down to just 19 in my inbox, which is a tenth of what was there this morning. *dies*

ETA: SIX emails! WOW! My inbox hasn't been this empty since I got this account. Quick, nobody write to me.

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