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Ellen Million


Dude. You can sue for actual damages and losses if you have not registered your copyright. You cannot sue for punitive (statutory) damages unless you have registered said copyright.

I saw that Neil Gaiman had blogged that you couldn't sue if you didn't register a copyright. I would've emailed him a little note of clarification, since that seems the thing to do. But I wasn't able to find a contact form easily, and I'm far too full of delicious dinner to look for it hard, which is why I'm posting this in my own journal instead. Call me lazy.

I am putting together a comprehensive article on the topic (in particular the CMA and the OWA that have been a hot conversation lately) for the May issue of EMG-Zine, and if anyone felt like I was being condescending or snotty, I apologize. I know it's been a touchy subject, and everything is frighteningly possible. I'm glad it came up, because I've learned a ton on the subject.

I agreed to work all day tomorrow, somehow. I've had four days off, I'm not sure I remember how to go to work again.

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