Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Feeling cheerful, if not entirely well-rested. Watched two episodes of Futurama on DVD last night while making lots of fiddly changes to the mermaid piece.

Jake thought the piece was mediocre, which was admittedly disappointing. He's a tough audience, but I always know if I've done something really outstanding. I tell myself that I prefer that to having a husband from whom praise is meaningless. The rest of me wants to kick him. It's not a duck!

Two things I missed on my list yesterday: Adjusting Chris' pictures and scanning/mailing Matt's logo. May sneak off and scan Matt's logo and the mermaid and maybe the Unicorn Key at work today. Hmm...

Want to update my EW gallery today. Been putting it off for the dumbest reason, being that I don't want Mods choice. Wish there was a 'comment for the Mod' box when you're applying. :P

Sleepy. Work to do. Off to do it. And find coffee.

Oh, and you people rock.

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